Branches which have sent their Acceptances but have not registered yet are requested to kindly do so.Online registration is still open.

How to Register

Acceptance Form:

Go to the Registration menu on the home page of 63rd CPC website In the drop down menu select Acceptance form, enter the email address of the branch secretary (the branch secretary is the administrator for registering Delegates and others in individual branch) and then click. The Acceptance form will appear, fill in the form and then submit. An email containing the user ID and a Password will be sent immediately after submission of the Acceptance form. This user ID and Password will be required for the online registration.

How to register online:

Step -1: In the Registration menu of the home page select On line registration from the drop down menu and click. Enter the branch secretary’s email address in the box.

Step-2: Log in for Registration screen will appear. Enter your user ID/name and the password and then Log in.

Step-3: Registration Form will appear in the screen. Fill in the form and then Submit. Please note that in the form some fields are marked with asterisk sign which means you must fill in these fields before submission.

Step-4: For updating or editing the submitted Registration Form please select the Log in for Registration updates from the drop down menu. Log in for Registration updates screen will appear where you will be asked for entering your user ID/Name and the Password. A page will appear where you will view the list of your submitted form. On the right hand side under the heading of Action the word Edit will appear. Click Edit and your submitted form will appear. After necessary editing click the Update button on the bottom of the screen for submitting the form again.

If you still have problem in Online Registration please write to us in the following emails:

[email protected], [email protected]