Branches which have sent their Acceptances but have not registered yet are requested to kindly do so.Online registration is still open.

Registration Categories

 Delegates and Secretaries.

Details on the number of delegates/secretaries that each Branch is entitled to send are set out in the individual letters of invitation.


Spouses of Delegates and Society of Clerks-at- the-Table (SOCATT) are welcome to participate, provided they have registered and paid the fee of US$ 1300 to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, internal transportation, tours and social functions. No provision will be made for children of any age. A local sight-seeing programme to various places of interest within Dhaka will be arranged for the spouses during the period of the Conference. Please note that those registered as a spouse will be expected to share a double room with the relevant participant.

Observers (Including accompanying persons)

Branches may apply for Observers to attend the Conference and they will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the availability of space and on the basis that they will participate fully in all the Conference meetings. Observers will be charged an Observer fee of US$ 3000 to cover the cost of accommodation, meals, internal transportation, tours, and social programmes.

Society of Clerks-at-the-Table

Members of the Society of Clerks at-the- Table (SOCATT), who are not otherwise registered for the Conference are responsible for the cost of their travel and will be charged a fee of US$ 2100 to cover the cost of accommodation, meals, internal transportation and evening programmes.