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Continuing to enhance high standards of performance of Parliamentarians


  1. Democracy must Deliver: Role of Parliament in addressing the Challenges (Host Branch Topic)

  2. The role of Parliamentarians in building stronger ties within the Commonwealth: including new trade issues, visa issues, travel restrictions, non-tariff restrictions etc

  3. Giving voice to the youth: Mechanisms for ensuring effective participation of youth in the governance process

  4. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s): How can CPA Members work with their own governments in ensuring that the SDG goals have a proper gender lens to ensure success in the areas of alleviating poverty and women’s empowerment? (Gender-related Topic)

  5. Critical Mass: Small jurisdictions and big problems – Logistics and infrastructure challenges (Small Branches Topic)

  6. CPA Benchmarks for Democratic Legislatures: Progress in the past 10 years

  7. The Climate Change Debate: A challenge for the Commonwealth?

  8. What factors fuel the rise of different kinds of nationalism?


A Parliamentary Perspective of the CHOGM 2018 Theme (subject to the announcement of the CHOGM 2018 theme)


1st Plenary

Critical Mass: Small jurisdictions and big problems – Logistics and Infrastructure challenges to meet small jurisdiction expectations to achieve the same service levels as larger ones

2nd Plenary

Parliamentary innovations in small jurisdictions in the face of financial and human resource challenges

3rd Plenary

The role of Parliament in Combating Corruption

4th Plenary

The role of Parliament in meeting the challenges of protecting territorial waters